Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sun Jan 21

1632 2125 Radio Verona. Dutch songs. SINPO 23432.
1638 2120 Radio Bluebird. Dutch songs, ID in DT/EG. SINPO 34433.
1655 2115 Radio Wadloper. Ozzy Osbourne "No More Tears." SINPO 44444.
3940 1640 Radio 319 (tent). Police "Invisible Sun," bursts of utility. SINPO 33333.
6205 1559 Laser Hot Hits. Ian Lawrence show. Beatles "Octopus Garden," new headlines then Living in a Box "Room in Your Heart." SINPO 54444.
6310 1630 Radio Focus Int (tent). Rock music. SINPO 23332.

(via Kiwi SDR, SW England)


Anonymous said...

Radio Focus was good as all the 2's on Sat 20th Jan. Very powerful. A bit of utility.

uk dxer said...

Good to see them back - I was a bit late to hear them on Sunday!