Friday, May 24, 2019

Fri May 24

3905 2155 Elvis Radio. Shocking Blue "Send Me A Postcard Darling," Stevie Nicks "Rooms on Fire." SINPO 54444.
3917 1920 Radio Stove Farmer. Moody Blues "Question," off 1921. SINPO 44433.
4825 1915 Radio Dolfijn. Donovan "Sunshine Superman." SINPO 34333.
5140 1856 Charleston Radio Int. "Aint She Sweet," ID jingle, "Putting on the Ritz." SINPO 34333.
5770 1659 Radio 319 (pres). Kim Wilde "Another Step." SINPO 34333.
5780 1652 Radio Harmony. Steve Conway "My Thanks to You," Miles Davis "Summertime." SINPO 54444.
5806 1926 Radio Stove Farmer. Move from 3917. Metallica "Through the Never." SINPO 34333.
6205 1706 Laser Hot Hits. Dance version of the Carpenters "We've Only Just Begun," Trini Lopez "If I Had A Hammer." SINPO 54444.
6747 1720 Radio Pioneer. Schlager. SINPO 44333.
6910 2211 Key Channel Radio. Programme from 1978 of Italian station ABC Radio. SINPO 44333.
7725 1856 Zeppelin Radio (pres). Charles Aznavour "She." SINPO 24332.

(via Kiwi SDR, SW England)


Anonymous said...

On the South West England SDR Receiver, I also heard Radio Merlin International on 6305 kHz at 11.25am British Time. Paul Watt on the air playing soul and Motown classics, great modulation.

Anonymous said...

Are the yields good this year for stove farmers, or is too early to say?