Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Mystery of tango station on 6980 kHz

Recently a station has been heard on 6980 kHz playing tango music. Many DXers assumed it was Radio Tango Italia. But an email from the operator says it wasn't him.

"Dear friend, unfortunately I have to inform you that this is not my transmission regarding my Radio Tango Italia, plus I don't use this frequency, I sent from 6205 to 6300 KHz, currently I'm not in business, I think I'll resume experimental transmissions in a few months, if in your possibilities I kindly ask you if you will be able to inform other passionate friends by email, forum, blog, facebook etc. with regard,
Tony , Radio Tango Italia"

I wonder who is the tango fan on 6980 kHz?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a change of emphasis from Paul Stuart?