Wednesday, October 14, 2020

New broadcast by Key Channel Radio


Dear listeners, we will be on the air next weekend (17/18 Oct) with a new transmission. Lots of beautiful music and new and unreleased programs. One hour for Soukous, the cheerful music of equatorial Africa, the now inseparable space of Artem's World Music.

The great Bart Steenman of Radio Monique has prepared an exclusive program for us, then an hour of beautiful Italian music and finally Pirates for Peace songs, a selection of songs by the famous organization we belong to.

We decided to return to the American pirate band ( 6920 kHz) in order not to block the channels already occupied by colleagues, broadcasting and various services for many hours.

Given that our broadcasting facilities are in another region, in the event of a sudden lock down, our broadcast will unfortunately not be able to air. ;-(

We are waiting for you on the wave of KCR !!


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