Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Texas Radio SW & Grote Versierder eQSLS


A couple of eQSLs received today. 

The first was from Texas Radio Shortwave who was testing on 3955 via Channel 292 on Sunday although they had problems with co-channel utility/DRM noise.
**The broadcast is being repeated this Sunday at 1700 & 1800 UTC on 3955. TRSW also has tests to North America via Radio Miami Int on 5800 kHz on Saturday and Channel 292, beamed to NAm, on 9670 kHz at 0300 UTC on Sunday. Reports can be sent to

Radio Grote Versierder was being heard with a good signal on Saturday. He was also IDing as Radio Golf Victor. In an email he said: "The transmitter has got a power of 80 watt PEP. The antenna is an inverted V with a length of 11.5 (37 ft 8) meters on a height of 12 meters. (39 ft 4)." Email address is

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