Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Info from Radio Augusta Int

I have had a reply from new medium wave station Radio Augusta International, based in Ivory Coast, who has been heard on 1611 kHz. I did ask if he knew where the broadcast was coming from but he didn't say. This is his reply:


Thank you for your mail.

I’m 64 and also a great fan of the pirate stations in the 60’s and 70’s like Caroline, Veronica, Atlantis, Northsea, Laser, Mi Amigo and many more.

I know well Caroline…

Radio Augusta is based in Ivory Coast since 5 years, and we have live programs from England, France, Netherland, Belgium, USA, and Ivory Coast of course.

I’m the boss of Radio Augusta International (oldies station), Radio Augusta New Generation (only for young new talents) and Radio Augusta Gold (music from 1900 to the 60’s).

The most important is Radio Augusta International."


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Anonymous said...

Wix wite was an old website. You can find information and news about the station on