Monday, January 24, 2022

Appeal for more audio clips for new Dr Tim tribute show

Texas Radio Shortwave produced a programme of audio clips featuring some of Doctor Tim's many stations, which was broadcast by Channel 292, Radio Monique and Mike Radio.

Now TRSW wants to produce a second show  using audio from the 24 stations not included in the first effort.

TRSW is appealing for listeners to send in audio clips from any of these stations:

Radio Anonymos
Radio Corona
Radio Dr. Juice
Radio Dummyload
Radio Easterbunny
EM Radio
Radio Heijntje
Radio Illegal
Radio Isabella 
Radio Jodelpiraat
Radio Lesbos
Radio Lockdown
Radio Mousjage
Radio Olympia
Shortwave Pirate
Radio Southsea Melody
Radiostancia Russian Hooligans
Radio 29
Radio Toyota
Radio UNID
Unknown Radio
Radio Watt & Lumen
Radio The White Man

A station spokesman said: "While we found audio clips of some of these stations, the quality wasn't good enough for rebroadcasting, or the clip didn't include an ID.  Both are requirements for inclusion in our tribute.

"If you have audio from Dr. Tim stations that aren't listed, we'd like to include it in the program.

"We hope to air the program this spring.

If you think we can use your audio for our program, please contact us at

Thank you."

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