Thursday, December 08, 2022

Logs 8 Dec 2022

1494 2250 Coast FM Tenerife via relay. SINPO 44433.
1512 1814 Radio Blackbeard. SINPO 33433.
1512 2323 Radio Marskramer. SINPO 33433.
1611 2309 Radio Augusta. SINPO 34433.
1620 1658 Radio Stem van Twente. SINPO 34433.
1635 1751 Bluebird Radio. SINPO 44433.
1636 1624 Radio Twentana. SINPO 34433.
1656 1635 Radio Eigen Risico. SINPO 34433,
5135 1722 Charleston Radio Int. SINPO 44433.


Anonymous said...

Why do stations just jump on a frequency even if occupied

Anonymous said...

Agreed poster.

There is no need to invade occupied frequencies, so many frequencies above 1600 can be used. !512 has been used by Blackbeard for ages and that's common knowledge in radioland.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch pirates tend to pop up everywhere. Above 1611 pirates can often be heard fighting to be heard on the same frequency or creating heterodynes by broadcasting within 1 or 2 kHz from each other.

The situation is not so bad on shortwave but on medium wave it can create a real mess.

There should be less excuse now as there's a Dutch pirates Whatsapp group many of them belong to so you think they could coordinate their frequencies, or simply check their receivers before switching on their transmitters.

Anonymous said...

Dutch stations have always done this