Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Laser Radio

LITHUANIA. A test transmission of Laser Radio will be carried at 1130-1430 on Sunday, 22 April via Sitkunai 9710 (100 kW) with the 279 degrees antenna.

Laser Radio is the label for a "new" relay service project by Andrew Yates. Some years ago his productions/relays were carried by the Ulbroka relay service in Latvia under the label "Laser
Radio" and "Euronet Radio".

The refurbished project website is:

Information about Laser/Euronet Radio transmissions & activities in earlier years can be found in the Internet Archive Mayback Machine:*/ and*/

(Bernd Trutenau, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This is a separate set-up from Laser Hot Hits

Meanwhile, tonight from 19-2100UTC, Radio Mi Amigo is being broadcast via the Ulbroka, Latvia transmitter on 9290. I guess this is the same station that has been heard via IRRS and, more recently, via the Lithuania medium wave transmitter on 1386.

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Anonymous said...

I guess this new phase of Laser will last for just a few months and then vanish again just like it's always done before. Yates is a joke !!