Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thurs Apr 19

3929: Station heard @ 2200 playing dance music, no IDs. Closed down or faded out by 2225. SINPO 34433.

3940: Radio Whitesnake and Cupid Radio playing David Bowie's "Heroes" @ 2008, with occasional jingle IDs. Fair-good signal. SINPO 34333. Heard @ 2038 greeting listeners who had contacted the stations. Signal peaking at S9+10dB but rapid fading.

6220: Mystery Radio with pop @ 2000. SINPO 44433.

(updated 22:30UTC)


Anonymous said...

Oh good.....another night of continuous music from Mystery Radio....zzzzzz

uk dxer said...

It would be nice to have more live programmes or relays, especially as it puts out a good signal right across Europe.