Thursday, May 03, 2007

WNKR this weekend

WNKR will be on air both Sunday 6th & Monday 7th of May.

Frequencies in use will be, 1476 kHz and 3940 kHz.

Reports by email to wnkr @


Dave Martin

(info via Europirates Yahoo! group)

This Monday is a public holiday in the UK so there may be some other UK stations on that day.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Come on British stations still out there, give us long-suffering UK listeners something to listen to!

Anonymous said...

We will and did so last weekend on 3940.


uk dxer said...

WNKR is one of the few regular British pirates still on.

Of course, another is Weekend Music Radio and then there's the Bogusman.

Galaxy returned recently although suffering from some poor daytime progation.

Then there's Laser and Britain Radio, via relays.

But UK pirates are quite thin on the ground.

So support the ones that are still broadcasting!