Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tues July 3

3930: West Coast Radio heard @ 2230 playing ELO "It's A Living Thing." Good signal peaking @ s9+10db. SINPO 44333.

6275: The Overcomer Ministry @ 0905 with Brother's Stair's religious rants. Hardly a new station (see posting below) - Brother Stair can be heard all over the shortwaves with much better reception than here. I don't who is putting the relay out. Is it Laser? Or is it one of Laser's relayers like JRRI or Radio Rainbow? I wonder how much Br. Stair pays for these relays? Let's hope this does not mean religion 24/7 on 6275! Poor signal so couldn't really hear much anyway. SINPO 24332.

6300: Radio Northpole heard @ 1910 playing Gorillaz, but reception only possible in usb due to the Sahara clandestine station on the same frequency. It's a pity Northpole didn't check the channel before switching on (I assume the Sahara station can be heard in the Netherlands). SINPO 42332.

(updated 22:30UTC)


Anonymous said...

Laser is very strong here in Belgium and Germany also. The biggest part of Europe is outside the UK... On the dr tims blog last 2 weeks even sinpo 55555. Right now i am hearing the overcomer ministry. I hope laser will have some money out of it because i like them to go on forever. Its the best station in my opinion and i have great resoect for them. So, if brother stair wants to pay that, i don't mind..listener, Belgium

Anonymous said...

Been listening to the "Brother" on line, he is plugging that he is testing on 6275 and wants reports and claims it's coming from the Baltic(?) A phone call from Ireland said he can't hear it, but fair to good signals are being heard in Belgium, Germany and Holland.
He also said he is under negotiations with this station for regular daily broadcasts !

Just heard a call from Greece, but sounded like a Dutchman doing a very bad accent to me !!

Weak signal here in SE London.

I hope Satan doesn't punish me for listening ;>)


BTW: The world is going to end soon according to the "Brother"
Not sure I should pay my tax bill now I've heard that.

Anonymous said...

is this another used channel lost.??? we are getting squeezed out of 48.

uk dxer said...

I'm all in favour of Brother Stair giving money to Laser Hot Hits - but I agree with the third comment, I hope this is not another 48m channel lost.

It sounds like LHH is putting in a better signal in mainland Europe that the UK & Ireland, suggesting the tx must in the Netherlands or Germany (or even the Baltic, as he claims).

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard he owes a lot of money to a lot of relay stations. If I was going to try and earn money from relaying, I wouldn't touch Brother Stair with a barge pole

Anonymous said...

Yo brother! Pay for quality pirates who spend all the earned money to put more nice free independant non commercial (except their mugs..) radio programs in the air.I'm sure laser will do so.
Thanks brother! Good job. You've earned a place in heaven..!