Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wed July 25

3945: WMR (pres) playing 80s electro-pop @ 1930. Off with no ID. SINPO 44433.

3945: WMR (the real one - see comments) back with archive recording of Kiss FM, Ireland, @ 2155. Strong signal here. SINPO 54444.

6289: West Coast Radio playing Abba "Fernando" @ 1740. ID and went off a few minutes later. Poor-fair signal with some ute QRM. SINPO 23332.

(updated 22:00UTC)


Anonymous said...

I think there are 2 WMR hoaxers here. the signal received last night on 3945khz(north/north east) had a different directional bearing than the signal received on monday and tuesday night(west/north west) I know what im talking about here as i was trained in the army as a radio systems engineer and served in the falklands as a radio maintenance and field engineer. oh,and that my loop never lies. also listening to the audio of both TXs in USB mode tells me alot about each transmitter.Monday and Tuesdays TX audio is far more wideband than last nights TX on 3945 sugesting that the earlier broadcasts were probably via a good class b push pull valve modulated carrier whilst last nights broadcast audio was very limited in response and range sugesting maybe a valve or semiconductor RF stage modulated by a mosfet solid state amp or something similar. this design struggles to modulate a carrier at 100% modulation without adding a cirtain ammount of distortion to the carrier. No,i think there are 2 hoax signals for sure..

uk dxer said...

I also noticed that Monday/Tuesday broadcast was just below 3945 while Wednesday's was just above 3945.

Maybe one was the real WMR!

WMR Shakespeare said...

WMR Jack is Scotlands only pirate,

but he is so lazy that he makes his listeners irate,

They send their reports to make their QSL collections better,

Then after 10 years they eventually receive their letter.

Anonymous said...

very witty..... Jack

In all fairness to that, QSLs have been going out quite fast these days!!

If the first entrant wants to get in touch with WMR direct, in confidence, that would be appreciated. you are welcome to use the form on line, or simply studio at wmrscotland dot com.

Apologies for messing the e mail like so, but had a wee bit of spam at one of my other addresses, which I think must have been published somewhere.

Wednesday night was us doing a test by the way.

Jack, WMR

B said...

In reply to the (ex?)army guy. There are several reasons for a narrower bandwidth, processing being one. I suspect the transmitter on Mon/Tues had none.
Good modulation can also be achieved using PDM (100%+) but I think you know the type of modulation used on that TX....The distortion on the "other TX" sounded more like modulation xformer problem rather than the type of amp used. But maybe you know more than I do about it.
Anyway, I think i have a bearing on both the transmitters here, so, given that, I think I may also have a bearing on your location.
(I also know the virtues of a loop). I dont want to pry too much but I dont think your that far from my location. It would be interesting to know if our bearings match.