Monday, April 21, 2008

Mon Apr 21

3935: Radio Rainbow with IDs @ 2050 and "Like A Rainbow" theme tune. SINPO 34333.

4032: Laser Hot Hits with oldies @ 2045. Good signal, just over S9. SINPO 44444.


Anonymous said...

Any UK stations still out there? If so, please come back to the airwaves; deliver us from the Continental monotony

Anonymous said...

pandora is planning a return to 3 megs soon.the cold weather has put me off as i have to man the tx.STEVE STJHON

uk dxer said...

Laser's a UK station.

There's still a few others around (providing their signals don't skip over us)... Merlin, Telstar South, Geronimo, BRI.

But where is Weekend Music Radio, the Bogusman or Radio Galaxy?

WNKR seems to have switched to MW, although you can hear their programmes on the internet now.

And of course, the message above, from Pandora. Hope to hear you back again soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, come back Pandora, Galaxy and Senor Bogus, the airwaves need you.

Lazer is on too often; there is something more satisfying in hearing a station every so often, as opposed to all the time; the broadcasts can get a bit samey, especially when the programme format is set in stone.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of hard work to keep Laser on 7 days a week. Perhaps the lads shouldn't bother?