Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sun Apr 6

Woke up to find everything - including the longwire - covered in snow, but it is now rapidly thawing.

3935: Laser Hot Hits with 60s music and jingle @ 1910. SINPO 34333.

5815: Orion Radio with instrumental music @ 0805. Poor signal today. SINPO 24432.

6140: MV Baltic Radio via Wertchatal playing "Caroline" by the Fortunes @ 1210 and giving out web address. SINPO 44444.

6261: Radio Perfekt playing country music @ 0850. Heard phone number in German but deep fades. Some utility QRM. SINPO 23332.

6270: Radio Calypso has the best signal so far this morning. Heard @ 0755 playing schlager. 44433.

6274: Radio Kilo Tango Lima heard @ 1120 giving out hotline number and playing the song "Working Class Hero." Splash from Calypso. SINPO 33433.

6281: Radio Jodel Piraat with music from the Bavarian mountains @ 0815. Weak signal with fair peaks. SINPO 24332. For recording click here

6306: Radio Brandaris Int @ 1020 with instrumental music and IDs. Fair-good signal. SINPO 34433.

6309: Radio Marconi playing schlager @ 1025, IDs in Dutch. SINPO 33433.

6311: Radio Barrentina @ 0815 with talk by man in Catalan. SINPO 24332.

6925u: Spider Radio (tent) with music @ 1920. Weak signal but could just hear classical music on this frequency.

(updated 19:25UTC)


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uk dxer said...


Anonymous said...

Snow! In April!!! You must be in a northern part of the U.K.? Hasn't even snowed here in the hills/mountains of eastern West Virginia in the eastern U.S. for about 3 weeks.
Not sure if it's the same, but I heard something here around 0900-0915 on 6260.6 kHz. But w/the deep fades that you mentioned and static crashes from what seems to be every weekend rainstorms here, couldn't make much out. Also something on 6310 the same time but weaker, definitely lower than Barretina.


uk dxer said...

South of England so even more unusual. Sun came out and it all melted away.

There was also snow in London for the Olympic Torch Relay.

Maybe Marconi was station you heard on 6310?

Anonymous said...

Hi against,

RADIO PERFEKT was on exact 6260,9 KHZ, possibly a little variable. At the same time and later I have no heard other stations around this frequency. And no other logs entered in the NEWS Editing. Also no logs nearly 6261 KHZ in the Internet. I will talks with Cowboy
Charly tomorrow. I'm sure to 99,9% this was Perfekt.

Greetings from Dr.Tim

Anonymous said...

Good at least you got to see some sun today, then. Only overcast w/off-and-on sprinkles of rain all day again here. Seems every weekend here lately it's dreary. Marconi was on at that time at 6310? Will have to check again next week as carrier was nice, but just a bit too weak to p/up details especially w/continuing static crashes from all the rainstorms in this half of the country.

And my thanx to the good Doctor. It was late at night here, and maybe way too many bottles of beer, so maybe 6 was 9 (to paraphrase old Hendrix tune 'If 6 Was 9,'), and maybe was 6260.9 and not .6 that I saw through the blur! ;P Maybe more chips to soak up the brau before I listen next Saturday, lol? And Dr. Tim, would love to hear late-night show from you for North America to hear one of your great shows!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,thanks for your compliments

A grand idea! I can use in the USA Pirate Band the Frequency 6960 KHZ
- I think this is OK - or? Or I use QRG's in the 48MB. What do you think? What is the best? Please send me your E-Mail Add to my add: I want to inform you before I start. We will make a great full night live show for you and all US Listeners!!!

Greetings from "The Doc........"