Saturday, August 23, 2008

Radio Merlin raided

RMI has been raided again, making this the 14th raid on the life of Radio Merlin .

This happened whilst the station was off air. We still hope to broadcast live on FM and low power on SW from our party on the 30th of Aug , but this could be the last time you will hear from us until we can sort out a new TX site.

Thanks for everyone's letters over the last few years

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Anonymous said...

oh no not again mr watt

Anonymous said...

mr watt, if you would stop use fm, then offcom would not raid you.!! any body think the same. your views are wellcome.!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Ofcom are very aggressively policing the FM broadcast band, much more so than shortwave. One reason is the ease with which a VHF transmitter can be located, I guess, but more importantl to them of course, is the financial side. They want empty frequencies they can sell, and the commercial broadcasters don't want competition from unlicenced stations, which are always more popular with listeners in a given area.

Your signal's great today on 6300. Nice modulation.