Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sun Aug 31

3932: Bogusman back on with chat and alternative music. Heard @ 1900 with a good signal but fair bit of static noise - quite stormy weather today. SINPO 44343.

5815: Orion Radio putting in a good signal @ 0755, greeting Radio Tina and Supersound, playing the song "Kayleigh." SINPO 44444.

6220: Mystery Radio with pop @ 0750. SINPO 34433.

6220: Radio Marabu via Mystery Radio heard @ 0910 with talk in German and playing alternative music. SINPO 34433.

6265: Premier Radio Int playing the song "Kayleigh" @ 0745, electronic jingles. SINPO 34433.

6281: Radio Thunderbird with talk in German and playing "Keep on Running" @ 0810. SINPO 34433.

6291: Radio Southsea Melody heard @ 0930 giving contact details and signing off. SINPO 34433. To hear recording click here

6300: Radio Sallandse Boer with a short broadcast @ 0805, playing schlager, slight whistle. SINPO 43433.

6305: 8 Onwiezen playing schlager @ 0820. Good signal. SINPO 44433. ID according to Achim's blog. This is a Dutch FM pirate station. To hear recording click here

6310: Radio Condor with dance music, splash from 6305. Heard @ 0815 with SINPO 33433.

9290: Radio Victoria via Latvia heard signing on @ 1100, playing 80s electro pop. SINPO 45444.

9290: Radio Joystick via Latvia taking over the frequency @ 1159 with a rare Sunday programme, playing r&b. SINPO 45444.

(updated 19:05UTC)


Radio Informer said...

Hi just read your logs for sunday and i saw your log for 3932 khz
Iwas tuning around and caught what you called bogusman . I wondered what the hell this was i tuned in around 10pm -1040pm andhe was just going on about his life .He was talking about he got thrown of the train after arguing with a fellow passenger about his bike and talked about his grandad and back in 1989 plus playing music which cut of halfway through a song and went of air.

uk dxer said...

Yes, that sounds like the Bogusman!