Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Radio North DX test from Ireland

Radio North in Co. Donegal, Eire is to make a DX test as follows.

DATE: Sunday morning March 15th 2009
IME: 0200-0600 UT inclusive. There will be voice IDs and CW slow speed IDs every 30m on the hour and on the half hour during their normal overnight music. There will be frequent jingle IDs thrown in between times as well.
FREQ: 846 kHz
MODE OF OPERATION: The station runs 1 kW, and music will hopefully consist of better known pop / oldies.

QSL INFORMATION: Radio North will verify with full data QSL's for this broadcast. E mail address to be announced later this weekend hopefully.

(via Nick Hall-Patch, Victoria, BC, IRCA mailing list via DX Listening Digest)

This is one obviously aimed at North American listeners. Radio North is an unlicensed station broadcasting from the far north of the Republic of Ireland

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Anonymous said...

Have heard the station when I was on holiday in Ireland...great station!