Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stand up and be counted

Dear SWL

If you live in the UK and listen to shortwave radio broadcast bands then you need to consider this!

The Power line transmission lobby is both wealthy and powerful and is currently trying to get shortwave turned over to them for their home networking products. If this happens then our hobby will be lost to us.

I am sure most of you know about UKQRM and its fight to save shortwave radio.

I am conducting a simple survey to find out just how many UK listeners we have. Based on the result we will know if this fight is winnable.

So take a moment and fill in this survey for us all please.


You must be in the UK and listen to broadcast bands.

Utility only does not count, of course you will lose this as well if PLT is given free reign of shortwave.

Don't delay answer today, you have until 2nd April to answer after that the survey will be closed.




The end of world broadcasting?

(via swpirates)

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