Friday, April 03, 2009

It's finally here

In the past week there have been many reviews of The Boat That Rocked - some critics loved it, some hated it and others just didn't get it.

Many people aren't interested in pirate radio or are too young to have lived through the broadcasting revolution unleashed by Radio Caroline and co. in the 60s, so just view it as a film about a radio station on a ship, without any particular nostalgia that many of us attach to the film.

But today it goes on general release at cinemas up and down the country, when the general public can make up their own minds. Will it soar to the top of the box office charts or sink without trace?

One person who did like it was Jonathon Ross, presenter of the BBC's popular Film 2009 programme.

You can catch what he had to say about it on the BBC iPlayer via this link:

I would be interested to know what people think of it. Why not post your opinion here?


Anonymous said...

Here's Ofcom's opinion

Anonymous said...

i went to see the boat that rocked today tuesday.i found the film very long, 2 hours.not many laugh,s.they allowed a big gang of girls on board.the sound track was good, with lots of 60s music.also in stereo.their was only 1 ship in it.their was a charlie wolf type dj, who stood up broadcasting.with american accent.i will not tell you how the film out of 5, i would give this film 3..