Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No ban on Powerline Adaptors

I was one of the 3,554 people who signed the Number 10 Downing Street petition calling for powerline adaptors to be banned due to the interference they cause to the shortwave spectrum. The government has now responded:

"Thank you for the E-petition demanding a ban on powerline adaptors like the ones currently supplied by BT.

As with all electrical and electronic products sold in the UK, Power Line Technology (PLT) equipment is required to meet the relevant regulations before it can be placed on the market. In particular, it must comply with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2006 (the EMC Regulations) which are based on a European Directive, and any person who places such products on the market (usually the manufacturer or the importer) must ensure that the products comply and apply the ‘CE’ mark.

The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) is responsible for the EMC Regulations. Enforcement powers are delegated to local Trading Standards offices, and to Ofcom where there is a radio spectrum protection or management issue. Ofcom estimates there are around 500,000 pieces of PLT equipment in use in the UK. Ofcom have received around 84 individual complaints of interference attributed to PLT equipment. All of these complaints are in the process of being investigated or have been successfully resolved. Each complaint is investigated on its own merits. We do not believe an outright ban of all powerline adaptors is justified.

It is often the case that electrical equipment that is used in the home has to comply with the EMC regulations. Some of this equipment has the capacity to cause interference to other radio communications equipment in certain circumstances; this can be due to the manner in which it is installed or operated.

Ofcom can provide advice and assistance to those who complain of interference with radio communications equipment. Any individuals who wish to report specific cases of interference that may be caused by PLT apparatus, or any other source, should contact Ofcom’s Advisory Team on 0300 123 3333 for further assistance."

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typical government complete waste of time as is that crap outfit called ofcom