Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tues Sept 29

3895: Continental Radio/Overijssel Radio playing Dutch songs @ 2055. Good signal but some utility QRM. SINPO 43433. Heard on 3905 @ 2140 - SINPO 54444, playing music for Dr Tim.

3930: Central Radio
heard @ 1940. Just hear snatches of music through the noise. Signal good but audio terrible - very distorted and almost impossible to listen to. Message on Alfa Lima forum said hopes to get problem fixed.

6220: Mystery Radio
with pop @ 1945. Good signal. SINPO 44444.

Unid station heard @ 0845 playing a French song, off. Back a few minutes later with a rock song, French song and off again. Someone testing? Maybe RFB. SINPO 34333.

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