Thursday, September 03, 2009

WNKR on 1395

This from Andy Sennitt of Media Network: "Before I get swamped with questions about what’s happening on 1395 kHz, a Dutch frequency last used by UK-based Big L, another UK-based station has moved to that frequency at weekends. WNKR, a pirate station that has been operating for 22 years, has moved to 1395 from 1476 kHz, apparently to avoid interference from a Spanish station, but is now suffering interference in the evenings from Trans World Radio operating from Albania with high power. The station apparently also has a shortwave transmitter on 6311 kHz."

(via .... there's also 11 comments on the item as well)

WNKR is rarely on shortwave these days, and not necessarily 6311.

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