Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ofcom helps Spanish government catch pirates .... maybe?

"28 July 2010, Digital Spy By Colin London
There is a crackdown going on at the moment in Spain. Here is an example of a station website:
"DTI Investigations into Pirate Radio Broadcasting in Spain. This website address has been recorded as being property of Shout FM a English speaking radio station broadcasting on the Costa Blanca,Spain.
The Spanish government has requested the support of British DTI and OFCOM officials to help with the shutting down of pirate radio stations and prosecution of the broadcasters involved with the stations." "

(via Mike Terry, radioanoraksuk)

This is curious. Firstly, it is many years since the DTI had anything to do with catching radio pirates ... not since the days of Laser 558 in the 80s. The DTI does not exist anymore! Also the website lists a number to ring for Ofcom, but a check on Ofcom's website does not have this number listed! I've not tried ringing it so I don't know if it genuine or not! Why would the Spanish authorities feel the need to call in Ofcom to track down radio pirates in their country? I wonder if this is genuine or is a hoax or joke?? Finally I looked on Digital Spy and couldn't see this story... the plot thickens.


Mike Barraclough said...

Check this thread particularly posts 5, 19 and 21:

uk dxer said...

Yes, as I suspected...