Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wed July 14

3905: Radio Fox 48 with "Rock n Roll is King" @ 2225. Fair signal via Barney's web receiver. SINPO 34333.

6220: Mystery Radio with dance music @ 1905. Good signal. SINPO 44444.

6310: Radio Caroline Int with IDs and dance music @ 2045. Weak-fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6319: Radio Caroline Int also on this frequency, but not parallel with 6310. Either 2nd transmitter or a relay. Fair reception @ 2040. SINPO 34333.

6399: Central Radio Int playing the Ordinary Boys "Boys Will Be Boys" @ 2150 followed by new jingles (made by Cool AM). Good signal tonight. SINPO 44444.

6925usb: Spider Radio heard @ 2027 with its signing off tune "Il Silenzio." Fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6963: Radio Jan van Gent not so easy to hear tonight. Weak signal and lot of noise. SINPO 24332.


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

many,many thanks again for those reception-report of us!!!

Best wishes to the UK,
Radio Caroline International.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report Paul


Joe (Central)

Anonymous said...

laser 3.940.. not heard since tuesday.? is it a tx fault, or a raid.??..