Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hall of Fame Spotlight

Pirates Week presenter Ragnar Daneskjold has launched a new programme called Hall of Fame Spotlight looking at some of the US pirates.

On his website he writes: "I know that many of you have been missing the piratesweek, and I have been asked by a bunch of you when I was bringing it back. Well, I may be doing that later this year but right now I am announcing a new show.

"I will be on WBCQ Area 51 following Allan Weiner Worldwide with my brand new show the Hall of Fame Spotlight. Allan usually  wraps up his show around 9:15 pm Eastern or so and then I’ll be on after him, 5110 khz on WBCQ.

"I’ll also will be hosting the new shows a couple days later on Sunday mornings on and they will be up on this feed.

So tune into WBCQ, Area 51, 5110 kHz Friday nights a little after 9pm eastern and catch the Hall of Fame spotlight where we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best pirate shortwave radio has to offer.
Until then, as always - thanks for listening."

For more information visit his website at:
The programme goes on 0200 UTC Friday night/Saturday morning.
See the Area 51 website

Thanks to Gary Drew for passing on this info.

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