Friday, March 08, 2013

Radio Merlin closes down

Message posted on Facebook today: "And now for some sad news about Radio Merlin, Due to the loss of our tx site this morning Radio Merlin has been forced to close down. Not sure if any other action will be taken against the station after nearly 9 years of using our tx site it is no more .I wish to thank everyone that has written in and that has tuned into us over the years many thanks so its good bye from us all here at merlin 73s paul watt."

Sad news indeed.


Anonymous said...

We hope that Merlin will be back soon on the air..otherwise we will miss such station very much!!!!


rmi shortwave said...

Thanks for all of your offers to relay Radio Merlin ..We have no studio right now to record any shows but thanks for the offers,also I'm worn out right now with personal problems.We hope to be back on with our own transmitters but I need a rest right now ,oh and thanks for all your emails and messages.Thanks also the other people that have help me out.There are some nice people out there LA Paul Watt 73