Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sat Mar 9

4026 0920 Laser Hot Hits. Paul Stuart show. Phil Fearson "What Do I Do," fair signal. SINPO 34333.

5770 usb 1832 Over 60 Degree Radio. Talk in English, short test. SINPO 24333.

6205 1720 Radio Grutte Pier. Dutch music, only a few minutes before Iran signed on at 1730. SINPO 34333.

6240 1710 Radio Caroline Int. ID, email address, "We Shall Overcome." SINPO 34333.

6285 1715 Radio Mustang. ID and greetings, Tiffany "I Think We're Alone Now." Strong. SINPO 54444.

6290 1003 Radio Monique. Talk in Dutch, Miami Vice tune. Fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6290 1747 Radio Malibu. IDs, greetings, dance music. SINPO 34333.

6306 1009 Radio Malibu. Dutch songs, weak-fair signal. SINPO 24332.

6306 1702 Skyline Radio Germany. Heart "Barracuda", weak-fair. SINPO 24332.

6450 1013 Radio Zwarte Panter. Dutch instrumental, close down. Good signal. SINPO 44433.

6553 1015 Radio Pink Panther. Heart "I Only Want to Make Love to You," fair signal. SINPO 34333.

6937 0927 Irish Music Radio. Kim Wilde "Kids in America." SINPO 34333. At 1805 heard on new frequency of 6932 with a strong signal. SINPO 54444. At 1817, moved back to 6937. Still 54444.

6950 1900 Bluestar Radio. Dance music, then "Delilah", "She Sells Sanctuary," ID and greetings. Strong. SINPO 54444.

15880usb 1020 Radio Spaceshuttle. Relay of Artem's World Music show, weak but clear. SINPO 24433.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

lot of thanks for such log of us there and have a nice evening!!!!

R.Caroline International.

Anonymous said...


does anyone know the address of Radio Monique on SW and of Artem World. On different blogs QSLs of Artem are shown, but no address available ( not given during transmission).

And could anyone identify the Dutch station on 6240 kHz on March 10 at 1100 UTC. Only as part of their address was understandable (ACDC?).

And another station on 6306 kHz heard at the same time, but no ID given.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Seeing as your site is one of the main ones for stations and listeners I though maybe you could do a post on QSL's as a number of stations are sending out no-data eQSL's which are not as good as a full data QSL.


uk dxer said...

Radio AC DC is

I heard Radio Monique yesterday but not sure if it was a new pirate or a relay of an internet station.

6306 was Radio Malibu.

Artem is often in the pirate chat room where you can ask him directly for his address. If not, someone there might be able to help.

As for non-data QSLs. It is not ideal, but I'm pleased to get a reply from a station. It is better than no reply at all! Some will give out a contact address but then don't answer their mail.

For more addresses go to my address list:

Anonymous said...

Blue Man Radio's email is not working