Monday, February 17, 2014

Horizon FM Tenerife on shortwave

The DX world is talking about the appearance of a new station on shortwave - Horizon FM, in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

It has been logged on 5780 kHz and reported is using 75W but planning to increase this to 1 kW.

On the BDXC Yahoo group Mike Barraclough reports: "Hans Johnson has been in telephone contact with Horizon FM and they insist that the transmission is from north part of Tenerife. They carry Horizon FM from Friday evening until 1000 Sunday and then Atlantis FM till 2200. (Mauno Ritola, Feb 16, Cumbre DX Facebook group)."

The station also announces on its English-language website, Twitter and Facebook pages that it is using 102.5/104.5 FM and 5780 kHz.

You can see photos from the station on the Maresme DX blog.

But some people are asking whether it really is coming from the Canaries or from a pirate station in the UK or Ireland rebroadcasting the internet feed. There's more discussion on Garry Steven's free radio board.

Anyway, it all adds to the mystery!


Irish Paul said...

Wasn't there a unid station relaying radio Seagull on 5800 sometime last year.
Both of them have same Power.
Makes you wonder is it a UK Or Ireland pirate station relaying Horizon Fm?.
Signal strength would suggest yes?

uk dxer said...

I wonder. If they are on next weekend will have to see when the signal fades out.

If transmitter is in Ireland or UK it will start fading about the same time as the Dutch stations.

If it is located in the Canaries the signal should still be audible after the more 'local' signals fade out.

coolamradio said...

If it is a relay..they relayed the HorizonFM stream. But then there should by a delay in the re-broadcast @ 5780 and there isn't any delay!
So.. it's coming from Tenerife!
Don't forget! The sea round the Canary Islands giving the output a SuperBoost!

CoolAM Radio