Monday, August 25, 2014

Pirate from Denmark tests on 48 metres

Last night a pirate from Denmark, Radio OZNRH tested on 48m. This was their message posted on the HF Underground forum.
"We start 20:00 UTC (22:00 European Summer Time) and 2 hours until 22:00 UTC. It happens on our test frequency 6263.5 kHz. with somewhat mixed music.
Our output is about 800W PEP on a vertical antenna, 4 meter high with coils on a 'little hill'. Our physical position in Denmark is North Zealand, the Hillerod area (see Google Map). Reports are very welcome here (radiooznrh@'
So if you want to get a really DX station, so you have the possibility now .
We acknowledge with an electronic QSL cards."

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A follow-up message posted this morning says the test did not go well because of a Dutch pirate 2.5 kHz away so they plan to test again this evening.


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Anonymous said...

I am sure I have received this station before ... great that there is some activity from Denmark. It is a country that we do not usually hear very much pirate news from, on any band.