Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sun Aug 17

4026 1740 Laser Hot Hits. Laser Goes DX with archive recordings of TKO and Radio Shoestring. SINPO 34333.
6240 1748 Radio Rode Adelaar. Polka, Madness "One Step Beyond." SINPO 54444.
6404 1804 Radio GSV. Bagpipe music. SINPO 34333.
6803 1756 Radio Pink Panther. BZN "Harbour Lights." SINPO 44444.
6945 1810 Premier Radio Int. Kraftwerk "Autobahn," ID, greetings. SINPO 34333.

(via Twente SDR)


Anonymous said...

Heard in Bristol this evening at 21:45 - Radio Bogus Man on 6242 kHz with alternative rock music and cynical commentary on British politics, especially Nigel Farage!, and 6255 kHz Radio Telstar South marking the anniversary of the British anti-pirate laws of 1967 with the final hour of Wonderful Radio London (m.v. Galaxy). Also a Dutch station on 6305 kHz and the religious "super-pirate" Reflections Europe on 6295 kHz, and Laser Hot Hits on 4025 kHz.

uk dxer said...

Thanks for your logs! Sounds like there were some interesting programmes on last night