Monday, March 23, 2015

Radio Latino QSL

A quick reply from Italian station Radio Latino. In his reply the operator said: "Radio Latino has been broadcasting irregularly since 2006 with low power (50 watts p.e.p.) from central Italy. You have been listening to one of the first test trasmission of 2015 with the new transmitter (500 watts p.e.p), but we still have to set up correctly the audio section of the station (that's why you heard some overmodulation). The antenna at the moment is a inverted V dipole working from 7530 to 7610 khz.
In the next weeks I should be quite active from 7530 up to 7610 (main frequency will be 7540) during evening and night and, during 2015, we hope to be on air regularly on a daily basis, with one hour program."

The station has a website at:

Thanks for QSL

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