Monday, March 23, 2015

Radio Mi Amigo news

Thanks a lot for this enormous feedback on our transmission last weekend in the 31m band !!!
The weather conditions have been not that good on Saturday, but even better on Sunday. All of your reception reports will get a QSL Card via post within the next days, as promised. Some of you got several questions, I will try to get an answer to the most important one: The transmitter side was in Germany at Kall in the Eifel with 1 kw of power. Everybody will get a mention on the shows next Sunday, and over the Easter-weekend in the programs of Paul Newman, Peter de Wit and Cpt. Kord

Your response on our weekend-shows makes our life, don't forget, we give our free times just to enjoy you, we spend our money in the transmission to give you a beautiful weekend, so we are almost very happy about every mail coming in, not only for asking for a QSL Card. Great things are coming up at the Easter-weekend, we will do 8 hours of program on Easter-Saturday up to Easter Monday.

And last....but not least:
We have a brandnew homepage for you, only for the sw/mw transmissions during weekends:
---->look at the complete schedule of the programs
--->look at the players for the internet-stream
---> try the Twente WebSDR for a great AM feeling on your Computer
---> get into the life and the biography of each presenter
----> have a look at the Easter-programs....and lots more.....

just klick on:

Please feel free to mail any of the presenters: (for the English service and your personal All Time Top 5) (for the Dutch service on Sunday - Peter de Wit) (for the Dutch service on Saturday morning) (for the German service and reception reports)


toby wing said...

I was very pleased to hear your broadcast on Sunday on 7210kh using a cheap TecsunPL606 radio.Reception was very good with no interferance or fading.I realy enjoyed the music mix and the high quality presentation.I listened to your english DJ then the Dutch programing until3pm when you were overwelmed by Radio Slovakia

uk dxer said...

Toby - you can contact the station direct at

They might not see your comment here.