Thursday, April 16, 2015

Laser Hot Hits is 25 years old today

Happy birthday to Laser Hot Hits which began broadcasting on FM in the London area on April 16 1990. Twenty five years later it is still going strong, broadcasting nightly on 4026 kHz with various other shortwave, medium wave and FM relays.

Some DXers might remember when they used to broadcast on 75, 48, 41 and the 32 metre bands with 6220 being a regular frequency until Mystery Radio laid claim to 6220.

Laser DJ Gary Drew has written a history of the station which can be read at this link:

It is great to see Laser still going strong after all these years and all the best to the next 25 years!


Irish Paul said...

Hi Paul,
God be with the days when you could listen to LHH all day on 6220 and on 76 meters at night.
I think around 3930 or 3935 if my memory serves me correct.
Happy Birthday LHH.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, laser hot hits.looking back to april 1999, in the bdxc communication, in the alternative airwaves edited by alan pennington. there are logs for laser on 3930 ,6220 and a relay via jrri on 6235,and 7415.the days of 76 meters when the band was full of free radio stations.

Anonymous said...

Yes congrats to Laser Hot Hits for being one of the great survivors of shortwave free radio. It's always good to have them around and I've listened on and off since they started. Gosh, 25 years!