Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New book about London's pirate pioneers

London’s Pirate Pioneers tells the story of the capital’s pirate radio stations and the people who helped change the British broadcasting system.

From the early hobbyist operations of the 1960s to the big commercial enterprises of the 1980s. From suburban bedrooms to open fields to urban tower blocks. From hippies to soul boys to ravers. The book weaves together a year-by-year account of the developments in London’s radio with the stories of the key stations. It explores the political, social, musical and technological changes that were to influence each stage in their evolution.

Photos from every era take you behind the scenes to see the DJs and engineers at work and the book gathers together flyers and promos from many of the leading stations.

Stephen Hebditch was editor of TX / Radio Today, the most popular pirate radio magazine in eighties London, and has continued documenting the pirates at

More information about the book and how to order it at:

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