Friday, June 19, 2015

Fri June 19

3905 2036 Radio Alice. "Friday on My Mind," "Rosetta Are You Better." SINPO 54444.
3930 2230 Radio Batavia. Abba "SOS," ID jingle. SINPO 444333.
6235 2040 Radio Technical Man. "You're My Heart You're My Soul." SINPO 54444.
6285L 2201 Over 60 Degree Radio. Relay of Artem's World of Music. SINPO 34333.
6290 2045 Radio Goofy. Dance music, ID jingles. SINPO 44433.
6305 2034 Radio Mazda. Oldies and off. SINPO 44433.
6310 2209 Radio OZNRH (pres). Easy listening music. SINPO 24332.
6380 2154 Radio Anthony. Billy Ocean "Getta Outta My Car," then OMD. SINPO 44433.
6400 2050 Little Feat Radio. "Higher Love," IDs, greetings. SINPO 54444.
6735 2030 Radio Mustang. Sweet "Dynamite," then Slade. SINPO 54444.
6800 2149 Radio Pioneer. Instrumental then German song. SINPO 54444.
6875 2056 Radio Europe. Soul music. SINPO 54444.
7630 2220 Radio Latino. "Year of the Cat," IDs, "Temptation," Heaven 17. SINPO 45333.

(via Twente SDR)


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

many thanks for that you had been receiving me there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I´m testing any new PSU here, because my master isn´t able to do so. Power had been 36watts.

Greetings also from Caroline and your log of him (her) yesterday!
Please have a nice weekend (and your nice dog also!!!)!


rmi shortwave said...

Due to reasons beyond our control Radio Merlin International has now closed down .Thanks for all your support over the years and the many reports over the years ,and your friendship.We will sadly miss being on the air.Thanks once again for tuning into us .Paul Watt

uk dxer said...

I'm very sorry to hear that Paul. Maybe RMI can continue online.