Thursday, August 06, 2015

Channel 292 relays on 6070 kHz

SATURDAY 08/08: 
06:00-16:00 RLR Rock Live Radio
16:00 Hobart Radio International - Spy Station Special

SUNDAY 09/08: 
8:00 Superclan Radio
9:00 DARC (Via Moosbrunn, Austria)
10:00 Chelmsford Calling World Service
19:00 Atlantic 2000

MONDAY 10/08:
15:00 DARC
18:00 DARC

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Kind regards,

Rob Wise.
Hobart Radio International - The Voice of Tasmania


Dario Gabrielli said...

Do you know the email.address of rock live ?

uk dxer said...

I'm sorry I don't. Hopefully it will announced during the programme.

Anonymous said...

In 2013 the QSL came from


Dario Gabrielli said...

I try but return back.because unknowd

uk dxer said... Addresses for the many low powered non-pirate stations on shortwave via relays like Channel 292 & Radio 700