Sunday, August 16, 2015

Radio Spaceshuttle this Sunday

Dear listeners,
We proudly transmit best ever music on 13.6 MHz (13600 kHz) this Sunday 16th of August 2015 19-20 hours UTC. Please join with!

Your letters/reception reports are very welcome to our address in Herten:
Radio Spaceshuttle International 
P.O.Box 2702 
NL: 6049 ZG Herten 
The Netherlands 

A little fee (2 euros) for return postage (for full info printed QSLs) is needed!
Quick response and communication is possible by e-mail: 

We have started to send QSL's for every e-mail reports. Started today and it will last at least to end of September (because so huge amount of reports came. Please wait with pation- no need to remail your reports now- because we have received them all!

Results of Radio Spaceshuttle contest will be announced on radio waves in our last SW-transmission this month, 30th of August 2015. And prizes and printed QSLs will be sent during first weeks of October!  Sorry for great delay, but we have actually not received last reports got to our Herten Box 2702  during our contest time (January-June). So we had to wait that every reports will be with in the lottery and when counting amount of reports everyone has sent to us!

Best Regards!,
Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle

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