Thursday, May 04, 2017

New book about pirate radio in 80s London

The book is called "TX Magazine: Pirate radio dispatches from eighties London." Information about
the book on the AM FM website says:

"For three years between 1985 and 1988, TX Magazine documented the changes on London’s illegal airwaves. New laws had just increased the risks of pirate broadcasting, driving away many of the earlier participants. An experiment in community broadcasting was planned by the government, only to be axed over extremism fears. From a small hardcore of pirates in 1985, the FM band exploded with new and diverse stations.

This book presents a slice through the archives of TX Magazine, giving an insight into London’s radio at this critical time in its history and the hopes for a better radio system that reflected the changing city.

Compiled by Stephen Hebditch, the editor of TX Magazine and author of the acclaimed history of unlicensed radio in the capital, London’s Pirate Pioneers.

Featuring an updated history of the magazine and including layouts from the original magazine masters, this new book returns TX to print for the first time in over a quarter century."

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