Friday, June 09, 2017

Fri Jun 9

6210 2045 Radio Python. Alternative music, chat. SINPO 55444.
6296 2030 Radio Underground. Chic "Good Times," greetings. SINPO 44333.
6390 2035 Radio Blauwe Panter. Toto "Africa," ID, signing off. SINPO 54444.

(via Kiwi SDR, SW England)

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Anonymous said...

Also heard in Bristol on Friday 9th June, between 6 and 9pm local time:

6070 kHz - Channel 292 playing tapes of Laser Hot Hits 576 kHz, followed by a programme of 1930s music.

6210 kHz - Radio Python.

6290 kHz - UNID, Dutch, sounded like they were referring to Radio Casablanca, which I think is a medium wave pirate.

6295 kHz - Radio Underground. Clean signal. Reference to the General Election in Britain, mixed music.

6300 kHz - UNID, strong signal. Country music. Could have been Radio Abu-Dahbi.

On medium wave, just Radio Seagull on 1602 kHz.