Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Landbased pirate radio 1968-82

I came across this website after Mike Barraclough posted a link on Facebook and it might interest anyone who listened to the pirates on medium wave and shortwave in the 1970s.

It has been put together by the former operator of Skyport Radio and particularly focuses on stations which operated in the London area during that time.

Among stations featured are Radio Jackie, Radio Concord, Skyport Radio and Swinging Radio England (1974-77), but many more are mentioned.

In additions there's photos, stickers and posters, plus copies of articles from Time Out, Free Radio Magazine and Free Radio Focus from that time.

If you're interested in free radio from that period then it is certainly worth checking out this website at

On the subject of radio nostalgia, I'll mention my other blog, Pirate Memories, which has many audio clips from shortwave, medium wave and FM stations from the 1980s, plus QSLs.

Its address is


Anonymous said...


Do you, or anyone, know of a website chronicling UK land-based pirates from the late 80's to 2000? Definitely a golden age of broadcasting in the UK, IMO.

uk dxer said... has a lot of info about many of the landbased pirates from that era. Has a lot about the Irish pirates from the 80s but also stuff about some of the UK ones as well.

Another site worth visiting is which started out about FM pirates in the West Midlands but has steadily grown and now covers all of the UK. Mainly FM.

If anyone knows of any other websites then post the links here.