Thursday, July 12, 2018

Channel 292 shutdown report fake

An email claiming to be from German low-power shortwave station Channel 292 which said the station will have to shutdown for three months from tomorrow (July 13) is a fake.

In the message the email said: "I have to shut down the transmitter for three months beginning 13th July at 0700 UTC. I have no other choice to do this because part of the transmitter needs replaced and I cannot get this part fast it needs to be made from the company."

It was 'signed' by the station owner Rainer Ebling.

But on the WRTH Facebook page  Rainer said: "This is fake. Forget all messages, that don't come from our normal address. Maybe you can spread the truth. You see, the fake mail still uses our old address."

To see the latest schedule for Channel 292 relays visit the station website at:

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