Saturday, July 21, 2018

Empire Radio to return for its 40th birthday

Chris Cooper on Facebook: "To celebrate the 40th birthday of Empire Radio, the original team has re-united for a special one-off broadcast.

"With programmes presented in our own style, mixing music and comedy, Keith Rogers, Chris Cooper and Albert Hall will be on the air this Sunday, 22 July, from 1000 hours BST, with a repeat from 1800 hours.

"The exact frequency will be determined on the day, but is expected to be around 6265KHz, although it could be anywhere between 6200 and 6325.

"I hope listeners, old and new, will be able to tune in. Sorry it clashes with a broadcast weekend from the Ross Revenge, but we couldn't change our birthday! If all goes well, maybe the programmes will be repeated, later in the year. In that connection, if an internet radio station, out there, is interested in carrying the shows, please get in touch."

(via Mike Barraclough, BDXC-UK io group)

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