Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wed June 28

Radio Mazda on 6305 @ 2000. There was another station underneath creating a whistle on the signal (43433).

A Dutch station on 6300 playing instrumental music and testing his microphone. There was a lot of "testing, 1, 2..." but I didn't hear any IDs. Went off at 2055 (33433).

Continuous music from the 80s was being played on 6284 @ 2050. Could be Island Radio testing his transmitter. Coming in well here with 44444 SINPO.

After Mazda had gone, weak station on 6306 @ 2100. But lot of ute noise so difficult to hear (22332).

More continuous music on 6220 with Mystery Radio and the usual canned IDs. Good signal @ 2230.

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Island Radio Int. said...

Yep,that was Island on 6284.Had carried out some small adjustments to the antenna and audio processor.