Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday June 11

I could only listen for a few hours in the morning. First station I heard was Orion Radio on 6300 @ 0755 playing 70s pop, Showaddy Waddy, Rubettes. Coming in well here 44433.

Radio Saturnus was on 6285 @ 0800 with a selection of oldies and dance music with a 44433 SINPO.

Britain Radio Int was on 6239 @ 0910, with Roger Davis asking for reception reports. 34433 here with a 26th birthday show.

A rare morning programme from Spaceman - maybe because the Dutch were in action in the afternoon in the World Cup. Coming in well here with schlager & pop @ 0915 on 6292. SINPO 44444.

Premier Radio Int was active again on 6265 @ 0930 playing clips from Irish radio stations. 34333.

Radio Atlantis was on 6305 playing pop and dance music @ 1055. SINPO 34433. I saw on the shortwave pirates message board that its email adddress is now

Radio Zodiac was on 6322 @ 1115 with a 34433 SINPO playing rock music.


Anonymous said...

a frequency of Radio Spacemen don't mentioned (11-June)

Lithuanian dxer said...

You did not mention a frequency of Radio Spaceman.

Anonymous said...


thanks for the reception report. Much appreciated.

uk dxer said...

Sorry, I should've checked it more carefully before posting. I've now updated it.