Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sun June 25

Orion Radio coming in well at 0750 0n 6400 (SINPO 44444). Later heard with a programme in German.

VO The Netherlands heard announcing a hotline and playing rock music on 6290 @ 0800. Another good signal. SINPO 44444.

Andy Walker was heard presenting Summer Meeting Radio's breakfast show @ 0755 on 6300 (34433). Another station came on top on it for about 15 minutes, which I see from Alfa Lima's forum was Magic AM who couldn't hear SMR.

Premier Radio from Ireland on 6265 @ 0805 with a 33433 while Radio Paardenkracht was playing dance music @ 0815. Another good signal - 44444.

On 6271 @ 0830 was Radio Quintus playing oldies and instr mx with a 34333.

Britain Radio Int was heard on 6242 with a repeat of the 26th birthday programme. 34333 @ 0925 but signal improved during the morning. BRI has a website at

One of the most active stations recently has been Solar Radio. Again on 6209 this morning with a 34433 SINPO. Microphone still sounds very tinny and still no sign of an email address.

This afternoon was pretty quiet. Spaceman was on 6292 @ 1315 with a 34333 while I heard him on 6275 @ 1700 playing schlager, pop, rock etc. Signal strength was now 44444.

Radio Boomerang was on briefly @ 1430 on 6305 (44433). Playing some rock music before going off at 1435.

Polka music was heard on 6270 @ 2130 (34333). But too much static noise and fading to be able to make out ID. Any ideas?

Radio Nordsee Int was 6211 @ 2135 playing pop music (44343).

Radio Borderhunter, back from the summer meeting, was on 6305 @ 2200 playing rock and pop mx (44343). Started off with a strong signal but by 2230 had faded out.


ORN said...

Nany thanks for the reception reports, much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Just back form the Summer meeting:>)

Radio Borderhunter on 6300 @ 2200, now that's a story !!! When tuning up the rig everything was not how it should be. He had a aerial fault and we were taking down the aerial and repairing it in the dark with a flash-light at around 2300(ish) Got back on the air and everything was fine, but the signal was skipping long. Had a nice report from Ireland.


uk dxer said...

Borderhunter coming in really well when I first turned on - pushing 9+10dB but suddenly after half an hour 48 metres faded out and the signal started fading all over the place.
AW - Andy Walker? - I heard you on the air and on Summer Meeting Radio. Sounds like it was a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I guess you heard the broadcast after the repair was done. We had to wait for the football to finish on the TV because Mrs. Borderhunter
was watching the game & the fighting and she was getting very excited.

Overall it was a great weekend.

AW (yes it is me)