Friday, June 09, 2006

6, 7 & 8 June

Not much time for listening this week with visitors here. But what I did hear was Mystery Radio on 6220 on all three nights.

On Tuesday, a station on 6298 @ 1910 playing oldies but couldn't catch the ID (34333) and yesterday evening non-stop music on 6284 @ 2000 (33433). Probably Island Radio.


Anonymous said...


Did anyone get an email address for the UK station SOLAR RADIO who were on 6299 on the 6/6 at 1940 UTC? SIO here in Ireland was 232. Music sounded OK but the presenters microphone was way below the music.

uk dxer said...

Sorry I didn't manage to log him last Sunday. If I do find out an an address I'll post here.