Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sat Sept 16

Conditions seemed very changeable today.

First up, Radio MRF (Mike Romeo Foxtrot) heard testing on 6303 @ 1445 with dance music. Fair reception (34433).

Radio Blackbird was on 6270 @ 1455 playing schlager and country music. Gave ID and hotline in Dutch. SINPO 33433.

Good signal from a Dutch station on 6280. First heard at 1425 and still on now (2115). My knowledge of Dutch is not good enough to copy the name. But heard giving out hotline in English, Dutch and German, playing schlager. SINPO 43443.

Weak station on 6300 @ 1625. I don't know if Radio Face de Blatte was still on this time?

Radio Atlantic on 6303 playing dance music @ 1635. Email given as (Confirmed by email from station)

No problems identifying Mystery Radio on 6220 @ 1645. Usual strong signal, pop music and canned IDs. SINPO 44444.

Radio Waves Int was heard on 6324 @ 1755 playing country music and French songs. SINPO 34433.

The Bogusman was on 6294 @ 1800 playing a song by Morrissey plus the usual chat. Good signal (44444).

Solar Radio was on 6304 @ 1810 playing 80s pop. SINPO 33443.

Radio Boomerang heard on 6283 @ 1940 (splashing over the other Dutch station on 6280), playing Dutch dance mx. Off at 1945. SINPO 44444.

Weak signal on 6270 @ 2130, struggling to heard above the noise level.

Nothing heard on 75m - I don't know if that was due to propagation.


Radio Campervan said...

Radio Campervan from Sweden was on 6300 making their first ever test transmission from around 16.05 to around 16.30. Did you hear any music? Good signal here in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

Hello Radio Friend,

Off 6280 wath Dutch station "De 8 Onwiezen uut Marle".
Yes RFB wath on Air at 14H28 to 15H28 UTC.

uk dxer said...

It could have been Campervan but only just detect a signal here.

Thanks Marcel for IDing the Dutch station on 6280. Good signal here all afternoon and all evening!