Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sun Sept 24

Poor conditions this morning.

Only station I could hear when I turned on the radio was Tower/Veronique on 6275 - and that was only with a fair signal and a lot of fading. This was at 0800 (34333). Signal did improve during the morning and is now 44444. Usual programming of schlager, phone calls, messages etc.

Radio Shadowman was on 6304 @ 0920 playing polka. ID in Dutch. Went off five minutes later. SINPO 44433.

Radio Borderhunter was a victim of the poor conditions here. Only a weak signal on 6210 @ 0930. SINPO 24332.

Conditions had improved by the time I logged Radio Spaceman on 6307 @ 1035. Rock, pop, schlager and a good signal (44444).

Radio Ramona was heard on 6400 playing rock music. Fair signal (34333) @ 1040.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6239 with a whole mixture of different music - schlager, jazz, pop, polka etc. Heard @ 1115 with a SINPO of 34433. Closed down at 1200.

Radio Fox 48 heard @ 1605 on 6298 playing pop and dance music. He was also complaining that no-one from Germany ever sends him an SMS! SINPO 34333.

Pirate Music was on 6878 playing non-stop 80s pop. SINPO @ 1615 was 34333 while much of the same from Mystery Radio on 6220 @ 1630. SINPO 34433.

An internet station called Treasure Island Oldies was heard on 6295 being relayed by an unknown station @ 1915. Format seemed to be music from 50s, 60s & 70s. Web address is SINPO 34333.


Anonymous said...

Hello, UK DXer!
There is usually Reflections Europe on 6295 on Sunday evenings. But would this mainly Christian broadcaster relay an internet musical station...
Btw, I heard nothing this time neither on 6295 nor on // 3910 & 12255
Russian DX Listener

Anonymous said...

heard also nothing of Reflections Europe Sunday evening on 6295 Khz.
Usually strong here so seemed to be off.
73 achim

uk dxer said...

Hi, Reflections Europe was off. Usually very strong here - no sign on 3910 or 6295 (didn't check 12256), so someone else taking advantage of a clear channel.