Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sun Sept 17

Conditions not so good here today.

Orion Radio was on 6281. Heard @ 0755 with oldies before sign off at the usual time of 0800. SINPO 34433.

Radio Victoria was on 6295 playing 80s music @ 0805. SINPO 34433.

Radio Robbie heard on 6275 @ 0810 with schlager and giving ID in Dutch, German and English.

Radio Paardenkracht was on 6325 with a good signal @ 0815, spelling out his email address. SINPO 44433.

Radio Scirocco heard playing schlager on 6285 @ 0820, and giving out hotline number in Dutch, English and German. SINPO 34433.

Mystery Radio on 6220 @ 0825 with the usual pop and IDs. SINPO 34433. Still on 6220 now (2015) with a SINPO 54444. Email address:

Radio Ramona with oldies and jingles on 6400 @ 0900. SINPO 34433.

Premier Radio Int playing 70s music on 6265 @ 0905, but suffering splash from a station on 6268. SINPO 33433.

Radio Borderhunter on 6200 with the usual good, clear signal @ 0925. Playing oldies and greeting listeners. SINPO 44444. Mentioned a UK station on 6210 - nothing heard here. Obviously no short skip reception today!

Laser Hot Hits was back on the air. Heard on 6242 @ 0950 with the usual Laser programming, probably via the Jolly Roger relay. SINPO 33433, although did improve during the morning.

The Dutch station, kindly IDed yesterday by Marcel (see comments), De 8 Onweizen uut Maarle on 6280 @ 1050. Good signal (43433).

Radio Waves Int was on 6324 @ 1125 with talk in French and playing French music. SINPO 33433.

Radio Malaisy, presumed, on 6310 @ 1130 with pop music. No ID heard. SINPO 33443.

European Music Radio via Julich was on 6045 @ 1200 with music, a letters programme and a feature with pirate radio DJ talking about his time on Radio Jackie. As always, an enjoyable programme from EMR. Can't fault the reception either (55555).

Back on 48m, Radio Brigitte was on 6300 @ 1210 with schlager and giving out email and mailing address in Dutch, English, German and French! SINPO 33433.

Delta Radio (Gelderland) was on 6290 @ 1220 playing oldies but having problems with his mic and CDs (kept jumping). SINPO 44444.

Out for the rest of the day, but this evening Radio Bonofox on 6310 with a mix of oldies and polka @ 2000 but suffering utility QRM. SINPO 33433.

Radio Spaceshuttle Int heard on 9290 (lsb) @ 2040, with English and Finnish (?) rock. Caught ID. SINPO 24432. First time I've logged this station!

Here some unidentified stations:
6268: Non-stop 80s music. Heard @ 0915. SINPO 33443.
6303: A station playing blues mx @ 1015. SINPO 33433.
6320: A station with poor modulation and a badly distorted signal. Couldn't make what he was saying. Heard @ 1040. SINPO 33442.


Orion Radio the Netherlands said...

Hello there,

many thanks for the reception reports,


Anonymous said...

Nice logs. Did anyone get an email addy for Radio Malaisy ?